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EMC Partner ESD3000 30kV ESD Test Generator


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Air Discharge Voltage0.2 up to 30kV depending on module type
Contact Discharge Voltage0.08 up to 30kV depending on module type
Voltage Resolution100 Volt Steps
Radiation RatingIIII
Pulse networksDN1 150 pF / 330 Ohm
Discharge detection (air-discharge only)-count “all”; -count “discharge”. Only the impulses where the voltage of the discharge capacitor drops lower than 10% of the charging voltage are counted
Holding timebetter than 5 seconds
Charge resistor± 10%
Polaritypositive, negative and alternating
Operating modesmanual, automatic or remote
Discharge Repetition0.05 to 30s
Discharge Counter1 to 29,999
Standards MetDepending on Module: IEC 61000-4-2, ISO TR10605, RTCA DO-160, Mil-STD-464, Mil-STD-883, Mil-STD-750D
Dimensions340 x 70 x 190 mm (13.4 x 2.76 x 7.48 in.)
WeightUnder 2 Pounds (870 Grams)
Pulse AmplitudeVoltage amplitude changes from shot to shot

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The EMC Partner ESD3000 is a fully automated and programmable ESD test generator. It identifies which discharge module is installed and has a level selector button enabling the user to quickly scroll through and select the voltage from the levels appropriate to the standard and discharge mode.

The set pulse count is executed with a single pull of the trigger in either air or direct contact mode. Polarity can be programmed to alternate or can be changed with the push of the +/- button at any time. Voltage can be programmed to ramp up or down or quickly changed at any time by using the up and down arrow buttons.

EMC Partner ESD3000 Features:

  • Very high accuracy and pulse repetition
  • High Quality / Rugged Design
  • Most Modular System Available
  • Upgrade over time from 16kV to 30kV
  • Discharge Networks to meet standards:
    • International IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61340-3
    • Automotive ISO TR10605, GMW 3100
    • Avionics RTCA / DO-160
    • Military Mil-STD-464, Mil-STD-883, Mil-STD-1576


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