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MIL-STD-464: Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Requirements for Systems

Many portions of the ESD immunity testing requirements refer to MIL-STD-331


Originally released in 1997, MIL-STD-464B was scrapped and replaced with MIL-STD-464C in 2010. Aside from the General Requirements for meeting the standard, the electrostatic immunity portion is unaltered.


The selected verification method must be appropriate for the type of structural material being used and the particular type of control being verified. Relatively poor electrical connections are effective as discharge paths for electrostatic charges. Therefore, inspection would normally be appropriate for verifying that metallic and conductive composite MIL-STD-464 APPENDIX 75 structural members are adequately bonded provided that electrically conductive hardware and finishes are being used. For dielectric surfaces which are treated with conductive finishes, testing of the surface resistivity and electrical contact to a conductive path would be normally be more appropriate.

For space and launch vehicles, ESD requirements are verified by a pulsed discharge at one per second for 30 seconds at a distance of 30 cm to exposed face of subsystems and equipment. This test is then repeated using a direct discharge from the test electrode to each top corner of the equipment under test. The discharge network is 100 pF in series with 1500 ohms.

A5.7.3 Ordnance subsystems. Ordnance subsystems shall not be inadvertently initiated or dudded by a 25 kilovolt electrostatic discharge caused by personnel handling. Compliance shall be verified by test (such as MIL-STD-331), discharging a 500 picofarad capacitor through a 500 ohm resistor to the ordnance subsystem (such as electrical interfaces, enclosures, and handling points.

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