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ESD Testing in 90 Seconds

If you have never performed an electrostatic discharge pre-compliance test. This video will make you laugh and learn. Enjoy!

ESD Testing: The Basics

IEC 61000-4-2 compliance test standard for electrostatic discharge immunity has voltage levels of 2,000 to 15,000 Volts. The electrostatic discharge simulators or "ESD Guns" produce voltage levels even up to 30,000 volts (for overstress testing) but with current in the milliamps and is essentially not dangerous. Zapping yourself will generate a mild electrocution, less than standard performance of a taser gun.

Depending on your device under test or "DUT", if it has unstable apparatus or electrical personality, the result could reach dangerous levels. In general, exercise caution when working with voltage levels and charging up DUT.


ESD Testing: Quintessentials

  • ESD Doesn't Kill, But it Can Hurt!
  • Ground Your Equipment!
  • They are easy to use, but read the manual.
  • After Zapping Equipment, Wait a Few for Electrical Dispersion.
  • Can't Wait? Get a Charge Remover (Search "INA 4430").

First Timers!

Relax, ESD is a crazy phenomena. Following the test standards and picking the most appropriate test points for your DUT, you'll identify susceptibility areas easy enough. Fixing them, now that's a different story. 

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