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EM Test ESD NX30 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator w/ Charge Remover


  • ESD Guns is the only store with this new model in stock
  • Color Touch Display with Activity Log and Self Test
  • Discharges up to 25 Hz
  • 30kV Air and Contact Discharge
  • Switchable Bleedoff/Charge Remover
  • Built-in Activity Log
  • Battery lasts 30,000 discharges at 30kV
  • 80 easy-to-change R/C networks
  • Ideal for ISO 10605, MIL-STD 461G CS118, MIL-STD-331 and many more ESD Standards

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  • Rental - 1 Month

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Data sheet

Air Discharge Voltage 200 V - 30,000 V ± 5 %
Contact Discharge Voltage 200 V - 30,000 V ± 5 %
Voltage Resolution100 V steps
Radiation RatingII
Discharge tipsAir & Contact Discharge Standard
Pulse networks150pF/330Ohm per IEC 61000-4-2 Standard
Holding timemore than 5 seconds
Charge resistor1 MegOhm per MIL-STD 461G CS118
PolarityPositive, negative; selectable
DisplayColor touch w/ Activity Log
Discharge Repetitionup to 25 Hz in air discharge mode, up to 20 Hz in contact discharge mode
Battery LifeApprox. 30,000 discharges; Battery is automatically recharged when connected to AC mains supply
Standards MetIEC 61000-4-2, MIL-STD-461G, RTCA DO-160 with base package
WeightBase station: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs); Pistol 1.25 kg (2.75 lbs)

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The EM Test ESD NX30 is the first Electrostatic Discharge Simulator released by Ametek's Compliance Test Solutions (CTS) division. With the collaboration of EM Test and Teseq (formerly Schaffner) engineers, the ESD NX30 is the most advanced ESD generator available.

The ESD NX30 electrostatic discharge simulator is an easy-to-use tester. It consists of a power supply unit and the discharge gun, operated from the discharge gun. It generates electrostatic discharges up to 30 kV in both air and contact discharge mode. The discharge tips can easily be changed. The discharge networks can be easily changed as they are plugged into the discharge gun. The actual discharge network in use is recognized by the controls and indicated in the display.

Video Overview: EM Test ESD NX30 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

The ESD NX30 is either mains supplied or supplied by a DC source. Even battery powered operation is possible. Battery operation becomes relevant for testing e.g. as per DC-11224 or VW TL 824 66, ESD Operating Test, where the ground of the ESD generator is connected to the Field Coupling Plane and the Horizontal Coupling plane but not directly to the Reference Ground Plane. Additionally, a fiber optic link is offered as an option to communicate with the esd NX30 separating the sensitive computer from the test set-up and to avoid ground loops.

EM Test ESD NX30 Standard Package Includes

  • Base Station ESD NX30
  • Discharge Gun w/ 2m Grounding Lead 
  • RCN30 150-330 150 pF/330 Ohm Discharge Network
  • Air Discharge Tip
  • Contact Discharge Tip
  • AC mains supply
  • Instruction Manual
  • Test Calibration Certificate
  • Ruggedized Carrying Case
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 10% Discount on Service Throughout Life of Unit - Division of The EMC Shop


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