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Latch-Up ESD Test Systems

Order advanced ESD test systems for charged device model (CDM), human body model (HBM) and machine model (MM) with turnkey latch up ESD systems.

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    • Charged Device Model (CDM)
    • Meets dominant industry testing per ESDA STM 5.3.1 or CDM test methods JEDEC, JESD22-C101 and -C101A standards, or both
    • Independent 3 video cameras and Rapid, accurate device positioning vacuum hold-down device
    • Direct Charge method
    • Field-Induced Charge method
    • Windows®-Based application software
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    • 10 Volts to 2 kV (1 Volt Steps)
    • Meets most Human Body Model (HBM) Compliance Standards
    • Meets most Machine Model (MM) Compliance Standards
    • Probe stand, test fixture and test leads meeting many device packages
    • Narrow pitch DUT can be tested in semi-automatic manner
    • Each probe has a coaxial interface with an external measuring device
    • External trigger input and output terminals are provided
    4-6 Weeks
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    • Human Body Model (HBM)
    • Machine Model (MM)
    • 64 Pin - 256 Pin Available
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items