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  • Video overview of the new 3ctest EDS20H 20kV handheld battery operated ESD simulator; including accessories included, general operation as well as current and voltage output characteristics.

  • Review the output capabilities including max voltage and frequency and see the waveform characteristics on a high speed oscilloscope. Additional unique considerations are presented, EM Test Dito is reviewed as well as models from Part 1: NSG 435, Minizap, ESD3000, ONYX, EDS 20H.

  • An overview of the Thermo Scientific Keytek Minizap MZ-15/EC ESD simulator gun using the air discharge, contact discharge, and self discharge (for radiated ESD) tips. Also see indirect ESD test to a horizontal coupling plane per IEC 61000-4-2 standard for CE Mark compliance.

  • How-to-Video covering the operational parameters of the Teseq (Schaffner) NSG 435 ESD simulator gun used for CE Mark, IEC 61000-4-2 and other electrostatic immunity compliance testing. It is recommended to still read the manual to ensure the safest testing environment and proper setup of the NSG 435 electrostatic discharge gun.

  • View step by step instructions on the programming and operation of the EM Test Dito handheld ESD generator. If you are interested in a video on the esd.control software please post a message on Youtube.

  • Setting up the Test Environment for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Immunity Testing

  • Comparison to other handheld, battery operated 30kV ESD guns on the market. Overview of accessing pre-programmed test levels and creating custom test sequences. Output waveform overview at 30kV.

  • An Overview of the Teseq (Schaffner) NSG 438 ESD Simulator Gun. Including the previous and current versions, a comparison to the NSG 437 ESD gun and advanced programming in the new model.

  • A visual overview of the popular ESD simulator guns used for CE Mark, ANSI and general electrostatic immunity testing. Side-by-side comparison includes standard accessories, weight, setup for use on tripod around ESD test table and more. Models covered include longstanding popular models Teseq (Schaffner) NSG 435, Thermo Scientific Keytek Minizap and the EMC Partner ESD 3000 as well as the recently released Haefely ONYX and 3ctest EDS 20H models.