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Rent Teseq NSG 438 30kV ESD Simulator Gun


  • Monthly Rentals Ship Today
  • Order Online, Easy Checkout
  • 2 Days Free Transit - 30 Day Billing Cycle
  • Includes NIST Calibration with Data
  • Prorated to daily rate after first month
  • Return Anytime
  • Package includes all accessories for Air and Contact discharge to 30kV
  • Add Discharge Modules for Automotive ISO 10605

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  • Rental - 1 Month
  • Rental - 3 Months

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Sample Cal Cert

Calibration Certificate for NIST 16kV ESD Simulators

Download (421.47k)

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The Teseq NSG 438 ESD Simulator System (formerly by Schaffner) is one of the most commonly requested 30 kV ESD guns in the commercial electronic, automotive and military industries. ESD Guns stocks calibrated NSG 438's as well as an assortment of discharge networks and accessories (found below) for unique test applications.

Process an online order now by adding this item to your cart and checking out, select your preferred shipping method or input your shipping account and tell us what method you want shipped. Two days are credited to allow for transit of the equipment, after 32 days your rental is prorated daily and invoiced/billed accordingly. Continue renting the Teseq NSG 438 as long as needed and return to our HQ in California, no RMA is required.

If you require a formal quote to initiate the rental in your organization, contact us now.

Teseq NSG 438 Rental Package Includes:

  1. HV Base Station w/ Internal Battery and Mount for Grounding Cable
  2. Interlock Connectors (QTY 2 Installed on Base Station)
  3. Discharge Pistol (Grounding Cable Installed)
  4. INA 4380 R/C Module (150pF/330Ohm)
  5. Contact Discharge Tip
  6. Air Contact Tip
  7. Pistol Cradle
  8. AC Power Adapter
  9. NIST Calibration Certificate with Data
  10. User Manual (PDF version below)


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