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Schaffner / Teseq NSG 438 Automotive ESD Test Simulator


  • Teseq NSG 438 Automotive Package Includes:
    • Air and Contact Tips
    • Resistance and Capacitance Networks (150/330pF and 330/2kOhm)
  • Rent Teseq NSG 438 Auto ESD Simulator 
  • 10% off Calibration Service for Life of the Equipment
  • Additional R/C Networks in Stock
  • >5 Second Holding Feature

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Data sheet

Air Discharge Voltage200 V to 30 kV
Contact Discharge Voltage200 V to 30 kV
Voltage Resolution100 Volts
Radiation RatingII
Discharge tipsBall and point as per IEC and specials, exchangeable by threaded cap
Pulse networks150 pF/330 Ohm, 330 pF/330 Ohm, 150 pF/2000 Ohm, 330 pF/2000 Ohm
Holding timeover 5 s (charging voltage +5%)
PolarityPositive / negative / automatic change
Operating modesSingle / repetitive / random (time / pulse)
Discharge Repetition0.5 / 1 / 5 / 10 H or 20 Hz; continuous; freely selectable from 0.04 to 300 s
Discharge Counter0 to 9999
Battery Life8 Hours
Weight2.6 LBs (Base station is 14.3 LBs) Entire case is 35 LBs

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The Teseq NSG 438 AUTO is a high end ESD simulator introduced by Schaffner in the 1990's to appeal 30kV ESD immunity needs and ISO 10605. The touch screen interface saves users time from traveling back and forth to the base station to reprogram before testing.

Video Overview: Schaffner / Teseq NSG 438 Auto

 Schaffner / Teseq NSG 438 Automotive Package Includes:

  • Base Station including 30kV Module
  • HV Relay/Pistol with Touch Screen Interface
  • Grounding Cable (Tied into Pistol)
  • Contact Discharge tip
  • Air Discharge Tip
  • 30mm Sphere Tip (mountable to Air Tip)
  • Cradle for Pistol
  • 150pF/330 Ohm Discharge Network
  • 330pF/330 Ohm Discharge Network
  • 150pF/2000 Ohm Discharge Network
  • 330pF/2000 Ohm Discharge Network
  • Carrying case with Wheels
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Certificate with Data and Waveforms
  • 10% off Calibration Service for Life

Schaffner / Teseq NSG 438 Automotive Package Features:

  • Battery tested to 30’000 discharges at 30 kV
  • Advanced voltage-hold feature
  • Activity log
  • Compliant with a huge range of OEM and international standards
  • Built-in self-calibration


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