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ESVM-NC.1 Non-Contact Electrostatic Voltmeter


  • 0 to 20 kV DC
  • +/-2% Measurement accuracy
  • Measurement of electrostatic surface charge build up
  • Automotive electronics testing
  • ESD Auditing and troubleshooting
  • Recording Function

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The ESVM-NC Non-Contact Electrostatic Voltmeter utilizes a sensor shutter/switcher technology which provides long term stability without drift or the need to frequently re-zero the meter. This technology also eliminated false or offset readings due to charged air molecules/ air ions. The sensor has a 29 inch detachable cable which can be extended by an additional six feet.

The meter measures the magnitude and polarity of static charge on objects or surfaces. The sensor is calibrated for measuring a surface at 1” from the sensor. On a metallic or conductive surface, the meter measures the voltage on the surface. (As with any electrostatic voltmeter, the displayed reading depends somewhat on the size of the object being measured and the distance between the object and the sensor.) On insulating surfaces, “voltage” is not a well-defined number. In this case, the meter reads a number proportional to the static charge present. The SVM2 has high sensitivity (resolution), and can detect
even a 1/10 volt change anywhere within its full range of +19,999.9 to -19,999.9 volts.

An analog output jack provides a DC output voltage of +/- 0 to 2 volts which proportionally corresponds to the display and measurement of 0 to 20K volts.

An optional USB port allows reading to be recorded and uploaded to a PC. Real-time data streaming is also supported via the USB Port. Note the “Record” has no function without the USB option installed.

ESVM-NC Non-Contact Electrostatic Voltmeter Applications:

  • Measurement of electrostatic surface charge build up
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Electronic assembly testing
  • Semiconductor material testing
  • Dissipative material testing
  • Automotive electronics testing
  • ESD Auditing and troubleshooting


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