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Brandenburg 139D Digital High Voltage Meter

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  • Voltage Ranges: 0 to ±20kV dc and 0 to ±40kV dc
  • Positive and Negative Polarity Reading Capability
  • Accuracy better than 0.25% at 20kV
  • Resolution: 10V on 20kV (spot) at 23 °C
  • Input Resistance: 10GΩ
  • Input Current: Less than 2µA drawn from circuit under test at maximum voltage

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The Brandenburg 139D is a flagship voltage meter for verifying output discharge of ESD generator guns. The 139D is discontinued and replaced by the Brandenburg 149.

In the Brandenburg 139D direct reading digital High Voltage meter, a fully encapsulated input potential divider chain, using precision HV resistors of extremely high value, feeds a digital voltmeter module of high input resistance. Two ranges are provided: 0-20kV with 10V resolution and 0-40kV with 100V resolution. This give a dc voltage measure instrument with an accuracy of better than .025% which loads the circuit under test by less than 2µA at the highest input voltage.

The meter provides accurate, high resolution measurement of high voltages over a wide range of values, with extremely low circuit loading. Positive and negative voltages may be measure without the need for switching. The digital meter Model 139D offers greater accuracy and higher resolution than the analogue meters Models 88 and 109, but with a higher current drain on the circuit under test.


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