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Electro Tech Systems (ETS) 9910 Multi-Pin ESD Simulator for Microelectronic Devices

Elecro Tech Systems (ETS) 9910 Multi-Pin ESD Simulator for Microelectronic Devices - View larger


  • ±5 Volts to 8 kV (Adjustable down to 1 Volt Steps)
  • 1-5 Channel Discharge Selection
  • Tests Most Device Configurations
  • Meets Human Body (HBM) Model Mil-STD-883E, ANSI/ESD/JEDEC JS-001-2010 (formerly ANSI/ESD-STM5.1 & JESD A114B)
  • Meets Machine Model (MM) ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2010, ANSI/ESDA STM 5.2, JEDEC 22-A11
  • Custom Resistance/Capacitance Networks Available
  • Programmed Test Voltages

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Contact Discharge Voltage±5 to 8250V
Voltage Resolution1 Volt
Discharge tipsStandard .161” (4mm) Banana jack
Pulse networksCapacitance: 100 – 500pF ±5%; Resistor: 0-5000Ω ±5%
Operating modesManual, Auto (9 Presets Avialable to User)
Display4-line vacuum fluorescent
Discharge Repetition1-99 Seconds (Auto Mode)
Discharge Counter1-99 (Auto Mode)
Battery LifeN/A
Standards MetMIL STD 883E, ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2010, ANSI/ESDA STM 5.2, JEDEC 22-A11C
Dimensions19”Wx12”Dx3.75”H (48.24x77.4x9.5cm)
Weight20 lbs (9.1kg)

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) has become a significant factor contributing to the disruption of electronic equipment or the premature failure of microelectronic devices in both the field and during the manufacturing process. Sensitivities below 30V are now common. Since it is not always possible to control the environment where electronic devices are used or handled, the burden of product reliability falls upon the manufacturer to design and build equipment with reduced susceptibility to ESD. The Model 9910 ESD Simulator is an invaluable tool in developing components for use in today’s military, industrial and consumer applications.

The Elecro Tech Systems (ETS) 9910 Multi-Pin ESD Simulator for Microelectronic Devices is a bench top ESD Simulator designed for laboratory or low pin count testing.

The Model 9910 is a microprocessor-based instrument that can be operated manually via the front panel keyboard or by computer control. Voltage is adjustable in 1 Volt increments. In addition, the user can program up to 9 preset voltages from ±5 to 8250V. Two modes of operation are available:

In MANUAL mode, a Discharge is initiated each time the DISCHARGE button is depressed. In the AUTO mode, the number of discharges (0-99) and the interval (1-99 sec.), selected by the user, are activated when the DISCHARGE button is depressed. Typically, each device pin combination is tested at both polarities using 3 discharges at 1 second intervals.

The discharge circuit consists of mercury high voltage relays for bounce-free operation, programmable selection of HBM, MM or CDM (optional) testing plus a switched output for connecting the Device Under Test (DUT) pin to a curve tracer or similar instrument.

The Model 9910 also offers the optional capability to connect 2-5 additional discharge channels to the DUT (ground remains common). Each channel is selected by the user in the keyboard mode by pressing the appropriate key or by the computer in the Computer Control mode.

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