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Aprel EM-ISight-ESD Robotic Electro Static Discharge Measurement System


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Most customers commonly measure and monitor ESD immunity testing using electrostatic meters, voltmeters or scope probes to monitor ESD events. The Aprel ESD measurement solution takes it to another level, allowing users to capture realtime data and 3D imaging of their product during and after an electrostatic discharge test sequence. Another robot can be used to automatic placement of the discharges. The better the oscilloscope, the better quality of data will be generated.

The software will measure and capture events across the complete product area in real time as the esd wave travels along your device. Post test analysis will highlight sensitive components or areas in red. Allowing for easy determination of the weak points and speeding up development cycles.

ESD H-Field Probe Features:

  • Highly shielded H‐Field probe
  • Extended barrel length 220mm provides better isolation from high electric fields
  • Isolation provided by unique core design, rejects electric fields stopping contamination of the transmission line
  • High isolation allows for higher signal to noise ratio (isolation from electric fields)
  • Probe has been designed to support ESD measurements

Air Trigger Probe Features:

  • Probe has been designed to trigger on the ESD event
  • This design allows for complete autonomy from vendor specific ESD Generators
  • Sets the oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to measure Synchronously
  • Application allows for acquisition of very fast signals
  • Broadband allowing for greater flexibility


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