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EM Test CSL 200 Horizontal Coupling Plane for ISO 10605 Automotive ESD Test


  • Compliant to Annex F of ISO 10605
  • 1500 mm Length

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Annex F of the actual ISO 10605, provides an additional approach for the ESD powered up test. This approach is intended to produce more repeatable test results and to better correlate with vehicle level ESD tests and the real world environment in comparison especially to the HCP test. This test is an optional test that can be selected by the users in additional to the present standard ESD powered up test as described in clause 5.3. 

The EM Test CSL 200 allows for direct and indirect application of ESD discharges to the DUT as per the automotive test standard ISO 10605 for electrostatic immunity, also reference by manufacturer specs by Ford, GM, Toyota and more.

See Diagrams of Horizontal Coupling Plane (Pictures 2 and 3):

  1. Field Coupling Plane 
  2. Field Coupling Strip
  3. Discharge islands
  4. DUT and wiring harness isolation block
  5. DUT
  6. DUT wiring harness
  7. Battery
  8. Peripheral or support equipment
  9. AN (if used)
  10. Ground reference point for battery and support equipment
  11. DUT local ground,(if required)
  12. Ground reference point for ESD Coupling Plane, ESD generator and safety ground connection
  13. 2 x 470 kΩ high voltage resistors to satety ground
  14. HCP
  15. ESD generator main uni


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