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Rent VCP Vertical Coupling Plane for Indirect ESD Testing


  • Meets IEC 61000-4-2
  • Evaluate product susceptibility near metal cases, counters and more.
  • Setup in 1 minute
  • Includes:
    • VCP Aluminum 19.7" by 19.7"
    • Light Stands
    • Cable with Quantity 2 470k Ohm resistors

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  • Rental - 1 Month
  • Rental - 3 Months

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Rent the vertical coupling plane with any ESD generator, setup in seconds on any lab bench and begin testing immediately. The indirect radiated portion of electrostatic immunity testing is required for compliance. If your product will be used in metal cabinets, next to industrial machinery or even on top of the metal counters at your corner supermarket, electric shock may cause radiated interference.

VCP Vertical Coupling Plane consists of:

  • VCP Aluminum 20" by 20"
  • Wood Stand
  • Ground Cable with 470k Ohm resistors for voltage bleeding


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