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Teseq (Schaffner) INA 415 Remote Triggering Unit for Teseq NSG 435 ESD Gun

Teseq (Schaffner) INA 415 Remote Triggering Unit for Teseq NSG 435 ESD Gun - ESD Simulator Guns - View larger


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A remote triggering unit can be connected to operate the NSG 435 inside a Faraday cage with external pulse triggering or for test pulse triggering in synchronism with other conditions. The optical input for remote triggering is insensitive to external light sources.

Teseq (Schaffner) INA 415 Remote Triggering Unit for Teseq / Schaffner NSG 435 ESD Gun

The normal remote trigger unit consists of a «triggerbox» and 5 m (197 “) of optical cable. The remote trigger works in parallel with the «trigger-button» on the NSG 435. Pulse triggering, or the on/off switching in the case of repetitive discharges, can be effected by a push-button or an electrical signal applied to the triggerbox.

The electrical signal at the BNC connector must fulfill the following conditions:

  • On: V = 2.4...10 V, I >2 mA, t >10 ms
  • Off: V <0.8 V
  • Repetition rate: <5 Hz

The remote trigger is powered by a conventional 9 volt battery. The current consumption is so low that a battery switch has been dispensed with. If NSG 435 provided with two optical connectors connect the optical cable to the blue terminal.

It is recommended to remove the battery if the unit is not going to be used for a long time.


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