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Teseq (Schaffner) INA 402 Mains Power Supply (80-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz) for Teseq NSG 435

Teseq INA 402 Mains Power Supply (80-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz) for NSG 435 Simulator Gun View larger


  • Used for stationary applications and for longterm test purposes
  • Compatible for all common AC mains supplies

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Instead of using the normal battery-pack, a mains power supply unit type Teseq (Schaffner) INA 402 can be used for stationary applications and for longterm test purposes with the Teseq NSG 435 ESD Simulator Gun.

The handgrip adapter is an integral part of this power supply unit. It contains electrical components that are necessary for this mode of operation. It is not permissible to operate the NSG 435 with a power supply unit from another system. The power supply unit can be used on all common AC mains supplies without having to make any adjustments, thus: 80 to 240 V (50/60 Hz) with 3-pin IEC connector 

The power supply unit must be connected to a mains outlet having a protective earth. The protective earth connection does not replace the earth cable for the operation of the Teseq NSG 435. To ensure safe and valid test operation the earth cable must be correctly connected as the pulse return path in every case. The INA 402 mains power supply unit is constructed in conformity with the relevant safety standards and carries the appropriate test symbol


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