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Keytek (Thermo Fisher) RCDM3 Charged Device Model (CDM) PC Controlled ESD System

Keytek (Thermo Fisher) ZapMaster ESD Test System for HBM, MM ESD, Latch-Up, & CDM View larger


  • Charged Device Model (CDM)
  • Meets dominant industry testing per ESDA STM 5.3.1 or CDM test methods JEDEC, JESD22-C101 and -C101A standards, or both
  • Independent 3 video cameras and Rapid, accurate device positioning vacuum hold-down device
  • Direct Charge method
  • Field-Induced Charge method
  • Windows®-Based application software

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Standards MetTest standards ESDA STM 5.3.1 or JEDEC, JESD22-C101 standards, or both

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Keytek (Thermo Fisher) RCDM3 Description:

The KeyTek RCDM3 is a robotic style Charged Device Model (CDM) test system enabling the identification of CDM ESD threats to new devices prior to design release, or for postproduction failure analysis simulation. A turnkey PC-controlled system, RCDM3 features three independent video cameras and a built in vacuum ‘device retention’ system for rapid set-up. Devices of virtually any size or configuration can be stressed. The system provides efficient testing regimens and easily retrievable test data. Available with ESDA STM 5.3.1, JEDEC JESD22-C101 standards, or both.

  • Test standards ESDA STM 5.3.1 or JEDEC, JESD22-C101 standards, or both 3 independent video cameras allow fast precision device alignment
  • Built-in vacuum device hold-down system Accommodates testing of virtually any size device package
  • Zap detection circuit for confirmed discharge event Safety interlocks guard operator safety

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