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ESD Generator Comparison: Output Capabilities and Waveform Characteristics

Video Overview

Review the output capabilities including max voltage and frequency and see the waveform characteristics on a high speed oscilloscope. View actual waveshapes output by the most populars ESD guns while discharging against a test target. Additional unique considerations are presented, EM Test Dito is reviewed as well as models from Part 1: NSG 435, Minizap, ESD3000, ONYX, EDS 20T.

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Overview of Handheld ESD Generators

Side-by-side comparison of the ESD guns in the video.

Popular ESD Generators for IEC and ANSI

Teseq NSG 435 ESD Simulator Gun

Rent Schaffner / Teseq NSG 435 ESD Simulator/Generator Gun$590/month Rent Now


  • 9 kV Contact / 16.5 kV Air
  • Ideal for CE Marking
  • Meets IEC 61000-4-2
  • Meets ANSI C63.16
  • Actual Voltage Monitor

Thermo Keytek Minizap MZ-15/EC

Rent Thermo Scientific Keytek Minizap MZ-15/EC ESD Simulator/Generator Gun$495/month Rent Now


  • 8 kV Contact / 15 kV Air
  • Ideal for CE Marking
  • Meets IEC 61000-4-2
  • Meets ANSI C63.16
  • Easy to Use Interface

Popular ESD Guns for Avionics & Mil

Haefely ONYX 30 kV ESD Generator Gun

Rent Haefely ONYX 30 Handheld 30kV ESD Simulator/Generator Gun$959/month Rent Now


  • Handheld and Mobile
  • 16 Hour Battery Life
  • Meet Mil-STD 461G CS118
  • Meet RTCA/DO-160

Teseq NSG 437 ESD Simulator Gun

Rent Schaffner / Teseq NSG 437 ESD Simulator/Generator Gun$795/month Rent Now


  • 30 kV Contact / 30 kV Air
  • RC Networks for ISO 10605
  • Activity Log
  • Advanced Voltage Hold Feature