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Set-up & Apparatus for Automotive ESD Testing to ISO 10605


  • Suitable for ISO 10605 ESD Testing
  • Easy setup
  • Fast delivery
  • Suitable for most automotive component level ESD testing.
  • Aluminum or Copper options

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More info will provide you a ready to go, easy ESD setup according to ISO 10605. The ISO 10605 test setup package is ideal for conducting component and sub-assembly tests for all test methods. The ESD test setup is the only turnkey solution on the market for automotive ESD testing. 

ESD Test Table Includes:

  • Wood Table with built in HCP
  • Ground Reference Plane
  • 50 mm Insulation Block Set
  • Insulating Support Sheet/Dissipative mat
  • Grounding Cables with 470 kOhm resistors (1 MOhm total)
  • Horizontal Coupling Plane from Annex F (Optional)

Ordering Options:

  • Component immunity test set-up (powered-up test) with GP
  • Component packaging and handling test method (unpowered test) with GP
  • Add Field Coupling Plane
  • Packaged w/ ESD Simulator - Please Contact Us for Current Promotions and Discounts

*The ISO 10605 ESD Environment is shipped freight and requires moderate setup. Freight shipping varies from $300-$500 across North America.


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