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US Army and Government Contractors Executing More Business With ESD Guns

Released 02.17.2016

A week after receiving an order from NASA, ESDGuns will be delivering calibration and verification test equipment for the ESD generator and waveform requirements in electrostatic immunity standards. National Technical Systems has recently ordered similar calibration equipment as well as the ESD test environment. ESD Guns anticipates orders from several U.S. Navy and Air Force location by the close of Q1 - forecasting total sales near $2 million - over 50% more than originally projected.

About is a distributor of electrostatic discharge testing equipment, accessories and hardware for ESD compliance to international standards IEC 61000-4-2, ISO 10605, RTCA/DO-160, Mil-STD-461G CS 118 and more. Locations in California and New Jersey allow for servicing, including calibrations to ISO 17025 and repairs, to be completed in a timely and cost efficient manner. The only web store that offers a side-by-side comparison tool as well as pricing and online ordering and rental reservations.