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NASA Awards Contract to ESDGuns

Released 02.11.2016

ESDGuns will be delivering a state of the art ESD simulator system compliant to RTCA/DO-160, Mil-STD 461G CS118, ISO 10605 and many other military and transportation compliance standards related to electrostatic immunity to the Marshall Space Flight Center division of NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. “It is an honor and pleasure to provide service to one of the countries most revered organizations”, said Brendon Berg, Global Sales Manager at ESDGuns.

Since registering as a vendor with the US government in early 2016, ESDGuns has delivered into Stryker, Northrop Grumman and several other government entities and contractors. “They sought us out”, Mr. Berg mentioned, “We are the only company in the world focusing only on testing for electrostatic immunity and susceptibility”. With the contract valued just under twenty-thousand dollars, the company doesn't expect to grow to be the next Lockheed, Boeing or Raytheon. ESD testing falls under the small area of electromagnetic compliance which is a small subset of all electrical and product testing. 

About is a distributor of electrostatic discharge testing equipment, accessories and hardware for ESD compliance to international standards IEC 61000-4-2, ISO 10605, RTCA/DO-160, Mil-STD-461G CS 118 and more. Locations in California and New Jersey allow for servicing, including calibrations to ISO 17025 and repairs, to be completed in a timely and cost efficient manner. The only web store that offers a side-by-side comparison tool as well as pricing and online ordering and rental reservations.