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ISO 14302: Space Systems - Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements


This International Standard addresses the equipment-level requirements, verification and rationale of system-level compatibility concerns used in the development and procurement of complete space systems.
This International Standard includes requirements at all the following levels:
  •  general system requirements;
  •  specific system requirements;
  •  equipment-level electromagnetic interference requirements.
The equipment-level requirements are summarized in Tables 1 and 2.
This International Standard does not include detailed design requirements. Instead, engineering issues to be addressed during execution of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) control programme are presented. Requirements in this International Standard may be tailored based on contractual agreements.
This International Standard references civilian equipment-level electromagnetic interference (EMI) test methods to minimize cost and allow the use of standard test methods. This International Standard does not contain EMI test limits. Test limits should be developed based on the environment, power quality definition and operational requirements.
Annex A presents the rationale behind each requirement/test technique, guidance for meeting requirements and test procedures where an acceptable reference is not available. Use of Annex A is advised in order to allow for optimal tailoring of this International Standard for individual programmes.


This International Standard establishes performance requirements for the purpose of ensuring space systems electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The engineering issues to be addressed in order to achieve system-level EMC are identified herein, with guidance and rationale towards achieving specification conformance. The method for the derivation of typical equipment-level requirements from a space-system-level requirement is illustrated.


ISO 14302 improves upon the ESD test method for testing spacecraft equipment described in Mil-STD 1541A, originally released in 1973 and revised in 1987 by the USAF.

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