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  • ESD Simulator Guns

    ESD Simulation Guns for IEC 61000-4-2, ISO 10605 and other standards to simulate electrostatic discharge phenomena. Pre-certify, troubleshoot or perform any other verification of your product having an ESD gun readily available. With a wide range of simulators up to 30kV, as well as Discharge Networks to meet military and automotive standards - learn, acquire and receive the best support with this common EMC test.

  • ESD Immunity Test Environment

    Test setups, or environments, are required to when performing ESD immunity testing to isolate the Equipment Under Test (EUT) and protect the technician from voltage exposure. The IEC 61000-4-2 test standards details specific requirements for table-top (large and small) and floor standing equipment. Components of the ESD test enviornment can be purchased independently for post-installation and custom ESD testing.

  • Calibration Test Equipment

    Several standards such as an ANSI C63.16 require ESD simulator calibration, specifying test equipment. Measuring high voltage static electricity is a simple and generally hazardous free task that can be performed in most test laboratories performing electrostatic discharge and immunity testing. Self calibrate or verify your ESD guns, generators, pistols and tips with calibration test equipment offered by

  • Clearance Specials

    These deals are often for only one or two units and don't last long. If you are looking for used testing equipment for electrostatic immunity testing, offers reliable current and previous generation ESD generators, test accessories and calibration equipment at a great price.

  • Automated ESD Test and Measurement

    Rent, buy or lease automated ESD test and measurement systems. specializes in electrostatic testing and compliance.

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    • Teseq NSG 438 Automotive Package Includes:
      • Air and Contact Tips
      • Resistance and Capacitance Networks (150/330pF and 330/2kOhm)
    • Rent Teseq NSG 438 Auto ESD Simulator 
    • 10% off Calibration Service for Life of the Equipment
    • Additional R/C Networks in Stock
    • >5 Second Holding Feature
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  • Quick view
    $10,275.00 New
    • Meets IEC/EN 61000-4-2 test settings
    • Best 30kV Handheld Solution Available
    • Battery or mains operation
    • Programmable automatic test runs
    • Predefined test levels acc. to the standard
    • Contact control for contact discharge
    • Displaying of the real discharge voltage at air mode
    • Counter mode with and without automatic polarity change
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Showing 21 - 22 of 22 items