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Electrostatic Voltmeters

Verify the voltage coming from the tip of your ESD pistols with an electrostatic voltmeter. These high-impedance, high voltage measuring instruments are used in ESD simulator verification and calibration. The new ESVM digital meter has high accuracy to 1 Volt and is ideal for meeting compliance standards IEC 61000-4-2, ISO 10605 and more.

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    • Raw Input Resolution: 1mV(1mV-15mV): 15mV (15mV-1500mV)
    • Thresholds: 1-10 Volts, 10-990 Volts Raw input: 1mV and 15 mV
    • ESD Counter Range: 0-32,767 counts (screen count)
    • Electromagnetic Field Peak Range: Min: .001 V/m Max: 20.00 V/M
    • Power Density Meter Peak: Min: .027 nW/cm2 Max: 106.1 uW/cm2
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Showing 11 - 11 of 11 items